World's Largest Intelligent Vaccine Tracking System with Proven Scale & Capabilities

DL Vaccine Track facilitates the frictionless distribution and tracking of  lifesaving medicine to every corner of the globe, under extreme temperature control, in record time. The robust intelligent supply chain platform not only withstands the unpredictability of worldwide distribution, but also ensures that data is updated in real-time, securely distributed and 100% auditable. 

DL Vaccine Track monitors the movement of vaccines in real-time from manufacturer all the way to the point of delivery or vaccine site. Providing resilient cold chain management of this short life product with end-to-end traceability and visibility into the demand, inventory, and distribution of every unit.

DL Vaccine Track is in full production & available now.


DL Vaccine Track - Speed & Scale

Accelerated partner and client intake process

Instant pre-approval process available

Seamless integration via APIs

Highly secure, real-time auditable data with GPS and IoT functionality

Testing & sandbox access within 30 minutes once approved

Best in class data analytics & dashboards

Automated reviews within 60 minutes

DL Vaccine Track – The world's only intelligent supply chain platform that offers true, end-to-end vaccine and pharmaceutical tracking and tracing. 


Realizing the Benefits

Immutability & Auditability

Timestamping provides real-time transparency into transactions and enables 

100% accountability, auditability and trust.


Digitization of data, coupled with smart contract automation helps to reduce hand-offs, error rates and dependence on intermediaries.


Real-time access to all data and critical decision points eliminates information silos, transaction duplication and human error.


Complete system configurability ensures the solution matches the unique set of business needs or environment in which it's deployed.


RESTful API's seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, including ERP, business intelligence tools, GPS & IoT.


Features & Capabilities

Unlimited Scalability

Security & Encryption

Smart Contracts

Enabled by blockchain, with the highest level of encryption, the DL Vaccine Track platform is 100% tamperproof and surpasses any technology security alternative available today.

DLT Labs' technology enables rapid scalability, both vertically and horizontally. Modular in design, the solution exposes blockchain interactions via RESTful APIs.

Easily create business logic and smart

contracts to automate and optimize mission critical processes and workflows across your supply chain.

Transparency & Auditability

Seamless Integration

Reporting & Analytics

Seamless integration with your own BI tools or ERP system. Upgrades are enabled with zero downtime via the CI/CD pipeline and the use of containers.

Custom analytics reporting, including

data-rich charts and graphs. Choose from a set of pre-defined dashboards or create your own custom reporting dashboard.

All transactions on DL Vaccine Track are

updated in real-time, visible to authorized

participants, immutable (cannot be changed) and 100% auditable.

Export Functionality

Mission Ready

Flexible UI Dashboards

Our proprietary system is pre-built and ready to be deployed. The turnkey solution will be monitored and supported by DLT Labs’ global team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The platform’s report engine can generate reports in any desired format, including PDF, Excel and Word, enabling quick export and distribution.

Intuitive graphical interface functionality

delivers best practice user experience.

Dashboards are highly customizable using our specific widget functionality.

"The biggest improvement for us is the reduction of manual work in resolving disputes. The cost and the waste associated with chasing dispute resolution has come down dramatically – from 70% to now under 2%... helping to save millions of dollars in waste." 

John Bayliss - SVP Logistics & Supply Chain, Walmart Canada


Real-Time Vaccine Management & Tracking

Order in-take

Orders are processed and evaluated directly in the system, ensuring 100% accuracy before approval.

Approval process

Secure review and approvals by designated organizations (Federal Governments).


Multiple inventory checks specifying attributes, such as manufacturer, dosing and expiry, are run 



Vaccine distribution is tracked and traced in real-time from the point of origin, to destination including last mile.

Delivery confirmation

After delivery, confirmation is immediately updated and all data is shared immutably among all permissioned users.

Data feedback

Data can be routed back into the system to surface further information & launch critical alerts.


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